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Nintendo 3DS flash card for New and old 3DS consoles. With Sky3DS you can download and play Nintendo 3DS Roms for free.

Nintendo has been writing a lot about R4 DS card for NDS - Sky3DS® Flash Card does the same for the new generation of 3D handhelds.

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Unlike Gateway cards that require users to have a console with an old firmware 4.5 Sky3DS works on the latest version up to date firmware. Handhelds that were never updated and still have firmware 4.5 are hard to get by now that all the consoles being sold are already at version 7 or above.

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Before 3DS the Nintendo DS (DSi and DSi XL) was fully hacked for playing pirated DS game roms by R4DS and many other brands of DS flash cards. R4 Team (Revolution 4 (for) DS ) was brought to prominence and wide recognition in mainstream media because Nintendo chose to name it in its numerous press releases about how successfully they are fighting piracy. This made R4 so famous that it is by far the best selling DS game copy device to-date (largely thanks to publicity that Nintendo brought to it). Ultimately the original R4DS team discontinued its work, but it was carried on by literally hundreds of other teams calling themselves R4i, R4SDHC, R4Gold, R43DS and so on... so R4 name lives on and is sure to reemerge in 3DS times.

The History of R4

Learning More about the R4 DS Card

The “Team R4” is responsible for the production of the DS Card that is named R4.In the year 2007 the said DS card was introduced. It looked similar to the card R4v2, however, it would immediately be seen that there are still quite some differences between the two.
 The Ds Card of R4 Revolution was equipped with some sort of push-lock for the Micro-SD card, and had it inserted inside. Spring mechanism was utilized in order to secure the SD Card inside it whenever it would be pushed. By pushing it the second time, it would immediately come out from the R4 Card.

Originally, this R4 card was created and was intended to be out for just about a year. However it was realized by Team R4 that there were problems with regard to the R4 Card’s spring mechanism. These problems affected about 5% of the production of the said card. The mechanism would break if the problem of the spring would not be fixed.

Taking this into consideration, this would mean that if an SD card was used, it would not properly go through the R4 card, which would of course, cause a huge problem. Because of this, a new version was thought of by Team R4. The problem was fixed, and was named as R4v2 Card.

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